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I’m going to Debconf

By jacobo, on 2008-5-29 at 18:25, under General

I'm going to DebConf8, edition 2008 of the annual Debian developers meeting

I’m so going to Debconf 8…

Here are my travel details to and from Buenos Aires, in case someone wants to fly with me:

  • Dublin - Madrid, 7th August, 18:25-21:50, IB3183
  • Madrid - Buenos Aires, 8th August, 01:25-08:40, IB 6843
  • Buenos Aires - Madrid, 21st August, 21:45-14:30, IB 6844
  • Madrid - Dublin, 22nd August, 16:10-17:35, IB 3184

All for 783 euros, bought 1 week ago. I’m arriving 1 day early and 4 days late, but I’ll take the chance to help the organization after my arrival and visit Buenos Aires after Debconf :)

And I’d also like to apologize in advance to anyone I ask to fetch me something, because, being Spanish, it is possible I’ll say something obscene instead ;)


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  1. Comment by Tiago Faria, on 2008-5-29 at 18:55 | permalink

    Ahh .. I so feel like going. I’m right next door to you, Portugal. Wish I had the money for the trips.

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