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No Galician translations of Mozilla, apparently

By jacobo, on 2008-5-20 at 21:53, under General, Translation

It’s not every day that your work is ignored by a founder of Mozilla Europe. From El País:

En España un 23,5% de visitas se dan en Firefox, un índice que es superior al de EE UU, pero que no llega a los índices de Polonia donde el 40% del tráfico se da en el navegador de Mozilla. A pesar de estos aceptables datos [Tristan] Nitot ha recordado y prácticamente hecho un llamamiento para crear una versión del navegador en gallego: “Hay una versión en catalán de Firefox construidas por voluntarios que les importa su idioma, al igual que la hay de euskera. Pero aún no hay una versión en Galicia, muchas veces me lo preguntan y mi respuesta es que si nadie de Galicia se presenta no habrá una versión en gallego, estamos dispuestos a que la gente trabaje con nosotros".

Loosely translated:

“There’s a Catalan version of Firefox built by volunteers who care about their language, and there’s another one in Basque. But there’s no Galician version yet, I get asked this very often, and my answer is that if nobody from Galicia steps up there will be no Galician version. We would like people to work with us".

So, apparently, there’s no Galician translation of Mozilla. I guess that my more than three years’ worth of work were wasted (Dec 2001 - Jul 2004 and Jan 2006 - Aug 2006), that Xis and Galego21 did nothing back in the nineties and noughties, and that what mancomun.org is hosting is an empty XPI file.

To not speak of the paralysed/paralysing bureaucracy of the Mozilla Foundation when several groups of volunteers, one after the other, tried to reinstate the official Galician l10n team.

I would be pissed off if I cared about Galician. Because, you know, from reading my blog it’s obvious I don’t.


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  1. Comment by Tristan, on 2008-5-22 at 01:33 | permalink

    My response: http://standblog.org/blog/post/2008/05/22/I-love-you-too-Galego

    > There is absolutely no discriminatory policy against he Galician language. There is though, some lack of information of my part, as I did not know when I did my talk in Barcelona, that a Galego language pack was available. And there is misunderstanding when people think I ignored this on purpose. The truth is actually much simpler : I just did not know. Now, I know, and I rejoice that Firefox 2 is available in Galego via a language pack. I do hope that Firefox 3 will be available in Galego soon, as Mancomun, the Xunta and Mozilla work together in the same direction.

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