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By jacobo, on 2008-1-12 at 14:45, under Translation, Debian
msgid "Unable to cw::util::transcode package display format after \"%ls\""

WTF. That’s not even proper English. How am I supposed to translate it?

No, really. My mind boggles. I’m going out for a walk in the beautiful Dublin weather.


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  1. Comment by MJ Ray, on 2008-1-12 at 21:19 | permalink

    It looks like English with a function name used as a verb to me. What’s improper?

  2. Comment by Jacobo, on 2008-1-12 at 21:50 | permalink

    That those things are not translatable. At least, not without using double the space.
    Anyway, I have been told that this was the doing of a too far-reaching search and replace operation.

  3. Comment by Anonymous, on 2008-1-13 at 03:19 | permalink

    Presumably the problem comes in because the verb in this case also represents a function name, and you cannot translate the function name and thus cannot translate the verb. This seems trivially translatable: s/cw::util::transcode/translation_of(transcode with cw::util::transcode)/.

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