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Bike sheds

By jacobo, on 2007-6-13 at 01:03, under 1,001 ways to kill Debian

I had prepared a modified version of this photo, making each bike shed door a different color, and with labels on them saying “KB”, “MiB”, “Tb”, “Gib”, etc.

(It was in reference to this thread, in case you were wondering).

But then I noticed that the original photo had a CC by-nc-nd license, which means that derivative works are forbidden without permission. I could have asked for it, but when/if I received it, it would already be too late for the joke.

So, no modified photo for you. And how does something on which you cannot base your own work be a part of any sort of “Creative Commons”?


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  1. Comment by James, on 2007-6-13 at 09:35 | permalink

    Mako has the same question about CC, which is why he started http://freedomdefined.org/

  2. Comment by Chris Cunningham, on 2007-6-13 at 11:52 | permalink

    It doesn’t, which is why Creative Commons is mostly a waste of people’s time. It’s just more licence proliferation.

    - Chris

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