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Climbing positions

By jacobo, on 2007-3-8 at 22:42, under Translation, Debian

From the po-debconf language ranking page:

Catalan and Italian defeated; now after Danish!

Afterwards, I will rest.

(I’m going after the 12th position. Three weeks ago I had fewer than 2800 strings translated. Not bad for a language you didn’t even know existed).


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  1. Comment by Andrzej Mendel, on 2007-3-8 at 23:11 | permalink

    And the last position to be will be “Bill"? ;)

  2. Comment by goretoxo, on 2007-3-9 at 11:18 | permalink

    that’s it!
    the mighty lone rider!

  3. Comment by Chicky, on 2007-3-9 at 18:12 | permalink

    I totally understand you! I climbed the same ladder several years ago. The sad part being that while we virtually reached 100% in July 2005, we never got there, because of unresponsive maintainters letting the bugreports rot in BTS for years (in some extreme cases). Wish you the best on this route.

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