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And now, for something completely the same

By jacobo, on 2007-3-2 at 11:59, under General

Enrico: if you extract the platforms using “lynx -dump -nolist” (or “w3m -dump”), you’ll only extract the text, with no HTML, and the keywords will vary slightly:

  • 93sam: jobs, deal, dds, nms, asking
  • aigarius: applications, choose, trademarks, apps, formats
  • ajt: effective, neat, hoping, success, interview
  • hertzog: broadly, serve, represent, pushed, chosen
  • sho: deadline, icons, helps, excellence, freaks
  • sjr: published, yet, inc, feb, wed
  • stratus: stable, websites, feature, submitter, involving
  • svenl: weekend, publish, banning, unfair, protest
  • wouter: controversy, seem, background, delegates, therefore


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