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Annoying dialog boxes

By jacobo, on 2007-1-22 at 22:47, under Web dev

So I installed Eclipse to do some web development in Java, and this dialog box appeared:

This Eclipse build doesn't have support for the integrated browser.

I didn’t know what it was, and that was already reported twice (one, two), so I just clicked on “Ok”, and Eclipse worked correctly.

But the next time I started Eclipse, the same box appeared:

This Eclipse build doesn't have support for the integrated browser.

This time I pressed “Cancel” to see what happened. Eclipse did not load. So I ran Eclipse again and… well, I’ll spare you the dialog box.

Needless to say, I was less than impressed.

Now I’m hoping it will eventually get bored of always saying the same thing when starting Eclipse, and graduate to small talk:

What a crazy weather. They say it'll snow this week, at last. About time.

If not, it could at least take advantage of the fact that it’s being run on a Debian developer’s computer and show this:

How about a nice game of Mao?


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  1. Comment by Stuart Ballard, on 2007-1-22 at 23:16 | permalink

    Surely one of the buttons on that last one should be “Taking the name of our leader in vain"?

  2. Comment by Kevin Mark, on 2007-1-24 at 09:25 | permalink

    Hi Jacobo,
    funny but ever since I saw the postings about MAO, I said “When will someone make an RFP or ITP for MAO!". Will someone in Debian create a bounty! This is the appropriate use of Debian funds!

  3. Comment by Anonymous, on 2007-1-24 at 12:11 | permalink

    This box appears due to lack of Mizilla/Firefox on the system. An install of Firefox is sufficient, to resolve this. If you don’t want to do this, you can also patch the startup script and hack the browser-check out.

  4. Comment by Jacobo, on 2007-1-24 at 12:20 | permalink

    The funny thing is, I always had firefox. Well, now I have Iceweasel…

  5. Comment by Des, on 2007-1-25 at 09:47 | permalink

    Maybe it should just check for $BROWSER or sensible-browser? Sounds like a bug…

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