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While I’m talking about Fidonet…

By jacobo, on 2006-10-5 at 23:50, under General

I mentioned Fidonet in my latest post, and that in the year 2000 I still cared about it. I think two years ago I still cared a bit, because with all the mad year-1997-web skills I could muster I made this jewel of a website: Welcome to FidoNot!.

I’m plugging it because I will probably not renew the domain next year (this year I did it by mistake) so it’s almost your last opportunity to see it, and I’m quite proud of it in an evil way. You know, it brings evil smiles to my face when I think about it and all.

And it’s actually been useful for someone: that someone was looking for animated rainbow thingies like the ones I put there, so… :-)

(Plus, the time spent looking at that thing is not spent arguing in Debian lists or proposing resolutions.)


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