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Logo for Debian derivatives

By jacobo, on 2006-7-31 at 23:19, under Debian

This is my proposal for a logo for Debian derivatives:

Profile of cow with Debian swirl inside

Cows are friendly, herbivorous and a great source of food. And they have acute senses of smell, hearing and sight. Plus they are considered funny by some people.

Read the logo as “Debian inside”.


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  1. Comment by Wolfgang Lonien, on 2006-8-1 at 00:19 | permalink

    apt-get moo

    Thanks for a good one.


  2. Comment by Gunnar Wolf, on 2006-8-1 at 02:25 | permalink

    Not only that - Cows have several stomachs. You need several stomachs to digest us. And in the end, the shit you produce will still look like Debian! ;-)

  3. Comment by Michael Janssen, on 2006-8-1 at 03:17 | permalink

    Are we sure this isn’t some sort of Debian branding? That logo looks fairly burned in.

  4. Comment by Anonymous, on 2006-8-1 at 11:00 | permalink

    Let’s sacrifice the holy cow! Uh.

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