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By jacobo, on 2006-5-31 at 10:48, under Translation, Debian

When one is translating software, some times the original strings are not clear enough.

#. Type: text
#. Description
#. Menu entry
#. Use infinitive form
#: ../partman-lvm.templates:45
msgid "Delete volume group"
msgstr ""

For example, what’s this? Is this the option to delete a volume group you have selected, or is this the option to select a volume group and then delete it? Because the translation for each case would be different: “Borrar o grupo de volumes” versus “Borrar un grupo de volumes”. The difference is just a definite vs. an indefinite article.

In fact, it could have been clear in the original English text:

msgid "Delete a volume group"


msgid "Delete the volume group"

Well, at least it has a note saying it’s infinitive, not imperative. I won’t translate it erroneously as if it read “you, user, delete the volume group at once!”.

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  1. Comment by Chris Cunningham, on 2006-5-31 at 13:04 | permalink

    I’d certainly argue that the first step towards making your program localisable is to ensure that the interface makes sense in its primary language. “Delete this volume group” would have been better still.

    - Chris

  2. Comment by David Härdeman, on 2006-5-31 at 14:54 | permalink

    As the sod who wrote that template text…your first suggestion “Delete a volume group” is the correct interpretation.

    It’s shown in the main menu of partman-lvm where you first pick the action to perform and then select the VG/LV/PV on which to perform the action.

    Feel free to update the original english template if you feel that it needs clarification, the benefits of translation work can flow in both directions you know :)

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