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By jacobo, on 2006-5-3 at 14:37, under General
14:29 <jacobo> ains, Joey's confession
14:29 <jacobo> that is always happening to me, but worse
14:29 <jacobo> should I put “confession++” in my nametag?
14:29 <jacobo> or something like that
14:29 <jacobo> I could create the Confession Commons
14:29 <jacobo> and then I would say that I’m CC with some options
14:29 <jacobo> for example
14:30 <jacobo> CC-ff
14:30 <jacobo> Confession Commons - Forgets Faces
14:30 <jacobo> CC-fn (Forgets Names)
14:30 <jacobo> CC-hp (Has Prosopagnosia)
14:30 <jacobo> CC-sp (Scared of People)
14:31 <jacobo> and combine
14:31 <jacobo> CC-ff-sp
14:32 <jacobo> this is so big a load of nonsense that it’s well-suited for
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  1. Comment by Luciano, on 2006-5-3 at 18:21 | permalink

    Mmm.. good idea.. I would be a CC-ff-fn

    I propuse few extentions:
    - ffp: face from planet. “you face look fimiliar from planet.. but im not sure".
    - ffd: face from debconf. “you face look fimiliar from a debconf.. but im not sure".
    - tab: I only remeber the firts letters from your name. it starts with “jac"<tab><tab>.

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