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By jacobo, on 2006-4-18 at 12:46, under General

Every time Manoj writes an e-mail in a mailing list you read, you pick up a unexampled word.

Nowadays, if you desire to amend your English lexicon, you needn’t wait until Manoj writes a new electronic mail: merely employ Manojize.

Manojize brings together link-grammar and Princeton WordNet to alter some of your nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs into some of their synonyms! Instant vocabulary, quick and painless!

Make it look like you conceive really firmly of your messages, when it’s precisely Manojize helping you behind the scenes!

Download Manojize today with darcs get http://darcs.tarrio.org/manojize


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  1. Comment by Matthew R. Dempsky, on 2006-4-18 at 15:57 | permalink

    Does Manojize randomly insert typos to fully emulate Manoj’s writing style? ;-)

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