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By jacobo, on 2006-2-28 at 17:29, under Debian

Anthony: if that happened to me, I’d have left too.

Normally I try to be a nice person, etc., etc., but I don’t like it when it’s imposed on me.

If I’m in a channel where there’s such a charter, and some channel regulars make hostile comments towards me, I’d leave immediately as I can’t respond effectively, lest the Long Arm of the Charter descends upon me, as I know I can’t win.

Moreover, when you remind somebody about the existence of the Charter, that’s a threat: “hey, remember there’s a Charter and there are consequences for not following it”. If that happened to me, I’d leave immediately, too.

In fewer words: the existence of a charter makes the environment almost as hostile as I can bear. Add something (some loud words, a “reminder”, etc.) that increases my anxiety and I’ll leave, for I can’t win. That’s what I think happened to “anon” and “foo”.


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