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Nomination pressure

By jacobo, on 2006-2-14 at 19:13, under Debian

Mystery Woman for DPL '2006

Now she can’t kill me as, technically, she’s not appearing in the image :-)


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  1. Comment by Joachim Breitner, on 2006-2-14 at 20:16 | permalink

    It kina reminds me of a W3C web browser somehow…

  2. Comment by Mistery Amayita, on 2006-2-14 at 21:58 | permalink


  3. Comment by me, on 2006-2-14 at 22:25 | permalink

    At least for me, it would be more obvious if the silouette included a cigarette. :-)

  4. Comment by aklis, on 2006-2-15 at 00:43 | permalink

    she rules!

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