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By jacobo, on 2006-1-11 at 01:34, under General, Translation

So after feeling motivated again, I’ve updated my old Galician translation of Mozilla Firefox 0.8 for Firefox 1.0.7, I have some people testing the translation and will soon update it for Firefox 1.5.

As I’m keeping my translation strictly unofficial (I want nothing to do with upstream Mozilla), it’s possible that I’ll receive some messages about how I’m infringing on the Mozilla Foundation’s holy trade marks, and how I’m not keeping the standards of extremely high quality that the Mozilla Foundation guarantees, yadda yadda yadda., so I’m already prepared for that eventuality:

The Firechicken web browser

I don’t know the English idiom for “tocar las narices”, but if they do it to me, I’ll adopt this name and logo for my translation. And then, if I translate Thunderbird, I’ll call this one “Thunderchicken” :-)


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  1. Comment by Kevin Mark, on 2006-1-11 at 02:37 | permalink

    IIUC ‘tocar las narices’ would be equivilant to the idomatic phrase ‘thumb your noses at’. This is a gesture where your thumb touches the tip of your nose and your wiggle your fingers to express distain or disapproval.

  2. Comment by anon, on 2006-1-11 at 02:43 | permalink
  3. Comment by Jacobo, on 2006-1-11 at 03:27 | permalink

    No, it’s not It. I say that somebody “me toca las narices” when he’s extremely annoying (lit. “he’s touching my nose"). I think it’s really an euphemism for “me toca los cojones” (lit. “he’s touching my balls") :-)

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