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By jacobo, on 2005-9-6 at 21:47, under General

Click on the image to view a joke I cannot explain.


It weighs about 100 kilobytes. You have to know the rules to understand it (you certainly don’t need IQ 136). I cannot guarantee that it’s funny, though :-)

SVG available on demand.


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  1. Comment by kyle, on 2005-9-7 at 01:27 | permalink

    wtf is this? :-) can you explain please?

  2. Comment by Stuart Ballard, on 2005-9-7 at 05:39 | permalink

    Point of order…

    I’ve always wondered if anyone’s tried to create Internet Mao. I can never find anyone to play against in person and I don’t remember the rules myself well enough to teach someone - let alone be the *only* person who knows the rules in a group of several who don’t.

    Still, I miss playing it and I really wish there were an online solution…

    Oh yeah… and have a VERY VERY nice day!

  3. Comment by Anon, on 2005-9-7 at 07:31 | permalink

    What is the joke that you can’t explain? I don’t get it

  4. Comment by Aigars Mahinovs, on 2005-9-7 at 15:38 | permalink

    jacobo: LOL!!!

    Stuard: once you know basic principles you can invent your own set of starting rules and it really is quite fun to be the only person that does know the rules (at least in the start). The only problem is that you must remember much more rules to enforce then your fellow players.

    End of point of order :)

  5. Comment by Jacobo, on 2005-9-7 at 16:07 | permalink

    I love it! My coworkers are very confused, and now they know that they don’t know the rules, but they don’t know WHAT the rules are FOR!

  6. Comment by call a spade a spade, on 2005-9-7 at 18:11 | permalink

    Bullshit. The name is Mau Mau.

  7. Comment by Jacobo, on 2005-9-7 at 18:38 | permalink

    No, not Mau Mau. You can explain the rules of Mau Mau.

  8. Comment by Stuart Ballard, on 2005-9-8 at 06:48 | permalink

    I’m not convinced it would actually work. I think for one person to successfully teach Mao to a group you need either a group who would get the point quickly rather than find the constant penalization annoying, and/or a teacher who’s charismatic enough to get the point across. Charisma is not my strong point and most of the people I know in person aren’t really the personality type that would just “get it".

    I once tried teaching my parents and siblings - not a big success. I don’t see that it would be any different now. So I still think an internet version would be a good idea…

  9. Comment by Nathaniel, on 2006-2-27 at 21:01 | permalink

    That’s a relly funny joke

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