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I’m lovin’ every minute of it, dude!

By jacobo, on 2005-8-9 at 23:36, under General

It’s probably easier to get if you have been to Finland lately… ;-)

Bueno El Mako

If you haven’t, this may serve as a clue.

(But I won’t killfile Andrew — I haven’t killfiled anyone yet, but I have several people in the shitlist, anyway.)


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  1. Comment by mako, on 2005-8-10 at 04:03 | permalink

    Bueno! You should totally send me a higher resolution picture if you have one. :)

  2. Comment by Jacobo, on 2005-8-10 at 09:27 | permalink

    When I arrive home, I will send you the SVG and accompanying bitmaps.

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