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Keysigning over

By jacobo, on 2005-7-31 at 20:51, under Debian

Last week I finished sending out signed keys. If you were at the keysigning party and exchanged fingerprints (or, more accurately, assurances of fingerprint correctness) with me and you didn’t receive an e-mail from me with your public key signed by me, it’s probably because your mail server rejected it (overzealous SBLs, generally). But tell me, I will resend. Or re-sign. Or something.

In this webpage you can see some people who sent me their signatures but didn’t receive mine (the ones under “other signatures”). Incidentally, you can also see that I’m under 1000 in the MSD ranking (but Jordi is still below me. I will have to create a new issue of the JM magazine just to spite him.)


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