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Aquí estamos, amigos

By jacobo, on 2005-7-13 at 18:16, under Debian

The post’s title was brought to you by the Spanish Cabal (nobody expects the Spanish Cabal!).

I arrived last Saturday. In Vigo I was not given a boarding pass for the Paris-CDG airport. Fortunately, there I could get to the check-in counter in time, and was even given a Business-Class seat! To make up for this, they forgot to transfer my luggage from the first plane to the second one. Jordi came with me and had his luggage delayed too (but one day more).

DebConf is unbelievably cool. Going around, reading the nametags and going “OMFG this is XXXXX!”.

As I don’t really have anything more to say at the moment, here’s a link to the photos I’m taking.


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