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Server death (or: my old hosting company sucks)

By jacobo, on 2005-5-11 at 22:40, under General

When this appears in Planet Debian, this will mean two things:

  • That Planet Debian’s DNS server has picked up my new server’s IP.
  • That a plain-woody to sarge upgrade works flawlessly (this is to keep the post on topic, although it is true ;-)).
  • That soon, JVDS (no link) will not be getting my money any more.

Well, these were three things, but I’m not repeating the Spanish Inquisition skit here. Take care.

By the way, the ability to create debian-installer CDs with preseed files is amazing. Congratulations (and thanks) to all the culprits :-) More news tomorrow when I’m no longer fuming :-)


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