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¡Al rico hackergotchi para el niño y la niña!

By jacobo, on 2005-5-4 at 17:18, under Debian

I, too, extend my offer of a hackergotchi to everyone who wants one (just send or point me to a photo or set of photos of yours). Allow a couple of days for production, shipping and handling. We’ll discuss payment during the DebConf 5 ;-)

This is my portfolio (heh):

  • Jordi Mallach
    This is the first one I made and the shadow had to be fixed by someone else before uploading it.
  • Adeodato Simó
    There were two versions of this one.
  • Jacobo Tarrío
    I’m never happy with how I appear in photos.
  • Cup of STFU
    This would be Branden’s hackergotchi if his blog were called “You like the blog. Read from the blog”. Or if there is a blog about the release of Sarge, it could become its hackergotchi ;-)


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