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Flights to the Debconf5 booked

By jacobo, on 2005-2-27 at 16:44, under Mono & .NET, Debian

Amaya, I have recently bought the plane tickets for the Debconf 5, too (actually, my brother did). Vigo - Paris - Helsinki and return, 320 euros via Air France. As the stops in the Charles de Gaulle airport will be very short (under 1 hour), I will have to do some stretching in the planes before exiting them, as I’ll have to run! ;)

BTW, when I finish reading the book on ADO.NET (database access) I will start with the web application that Matt Kraai suggested… so don’t despair! ;-) Some skeleton design is already made, I will implement it as it is pretty generic (CRUD operations mainly) and then you’ll have the opportunity to ask for features ;-)


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