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O instalador de Debian xa fala galego

By jacobo, on 2005-2-14 at 11:28, under Translation, Debian

I’ve finished updating the Galician translation of debian-installer —for now :-) Now it’s time to see how many packages in d-i get rebuilt before the next d-i release, including my updated translations.

I have revised all strings in the package, converting them to a formal style (the computer is not your buddy) and turning the sentence structures into another ones which are more natural in Galician (we don’t use passive forms as much as in English, and we don’t go saying “please” all the time…). They are not fully compliant with the new ortographic rules yet, but it doesn’t matter very much as the old ones are still accepted (the ortographic reform is backwards-compatible).

And, of course, I should now start translating base packages, and think about studying the new ortography…


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  1. Comment by aetherlux, on 2005-3-10 at 15:13 | permalink

    But… what about the statements on why translate software is not a good way to spend your time? Well, thaks a lot for your work.

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