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Getting started with Mono, soon

By jacobo, on 2005-2-11 at 12:50, under Mono & .NET

A couple of years ago, Miguel de Icaza came to Spain, to the Congreso Hispalinux, to show Mono off; and show off he did!

A couple of months ago, Mono was brought to my attention again, and as time passed, I grew more and more interested in it, so I bought “Mono, a developer’s notebook” and found that Mono would make a very pleasant platform to write applications on. Of course, having Windows and MacOS X versions of the Mono framework makes it more interesting for developers…

So I did what just one year ago I would have considered unthinkable: I bought three books with “.NET” in their titles and “Microsoft” in the covers.

And I already have a request for a program — a remake of a program for managing insurance agencies I had written back in 1996 using Clipper, which I’ll rearchitect in the next weeks and will code in Mono. It will be desktop-oriented, multiplatform and database-driven. Very year 1998-ish :-)

Also, thanks to this I will add some more marketable skills to my curriculum vitae, which is always doubleplusgood.


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