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Currently translating d-i

By jacobo, on 2005-2-10 at 23:41, under Translation, Debian

So I vowed to never translate anything else into Galician. You know: it’s hard work, and nobody seems to appreciate it, and there was a recent change in the ortography which I haven’t digested well yet, so I basically stopped translating.

That is, until Christian Perrier came saying that the Galician translation of d-i was incomplete. And as I had made the translation of woody’s boot-floppies and I had recently been told that the new Galician translation was not very good, I decided to fix that.

(Indeed, the translation was not very good. I think that every no-no we had enumerated when we started translating and founded the Proxecto Trasno was there).

I intend to go on translating, but only for Debian. Don’t count on my l33t translating 5ki11z for anything else, thankyouverymuch.


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