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By jacobo, on 2006-10-5 at 09:46, under General

The new Google Code Search yields about 32,700 results for “fuck” and only about 100 for “make love” (with double quotes). I haven’t tried “make sweet, tender love”, but I think the number of results would approach zero :)

Also, my name appears about 200 times, mostly as a translator — but there’s some actual code of mine too!

Next time I’m asked “have you contributed to any open-source projects as a developer?” I can point to Google Code Search and say: “oh, yes, there’s this code I made in the year 2000 (back when I still cared about Fidonet) to make GoldED+ use ncurses instead of printing directly to the terminal” or “oh, yes, I made a small library for reading and writing gettext PO and MO files in PHP for use in Drupal, and they still use heavily modified versions of two or three of my functions”.

Or I could simply say: “yes, but it’s all irrelevant now”.


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  1. Comment by Paul Collins, on 2006-10-6 at 02:43 | permalink

    “Fixme” puts in a strong showing, at 620,000.

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