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By jacobo, on 2006-9-27 at 01:00, under General

Ana said that I should change my “Get Firefox” button (down there in the page footer) to a “Get Firechicken” button. First I had to create one, so there it is:

Get Firechicken!

Don’t you know what Firechicken is? It is my candidate name for the trademark-unencumbered version of Firefox. Wanna see the logo? See the logo!.

You saw it here first.


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  1. Comment by Ana, on 2006-9-27 at 01:07 | permalink

    Get Firechicken! :)

  2. Comment by Kevin Mark, on 2006-9-27 at 07:21 | permalink

    I remember your firechicken and at the time thought it was cool but now that I read the bug report from mozilla folks, and the fact that when faced with similar issues with JS, we created wodim, I say – Go for it! Long live firechicken! Viva la revolution!

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