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Mono savant

By jacobo, on 2005-2-18 at 00:42, under Translation, Mono & .NET, Debian

I think I’m going to cry. I not only understand the words of what this blog entry says, I can even understand the code! My reading .NET books is paying off!

By the way, has anyone got an idea for a simple ASP.NET web application I could create? The idea would be:

  1. to learn Mono
  2. to make a simple documented example of an ASP.NET application for everyone to see and comment on and learn, too :-)

I was thinking of an Internet pizza delivery service (a simple thing which would only collect orders, without the full back-end tracking pizzas, orders, drivers, etc), but if someone has thought of anything else…

On the Debian front, I’m still translating. I’m currently with d-i level 2 (applications which are not part of debian-installer itself but everyone interacts with), and when I have the iso-codes finished (country, region and language names), I will pass to level 3 :-)


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  1. Comment by David Waite, on 2005-2-18 at 02:53 | permalink

    You can make one I have been putting off forever - a web-based time reporting app. Lets you create projects and tasks, then gives the user an interface to record time against a task. You could have ’start’ or ’stop’ button connected to a form, with the time defaulting to the current time. Later, you can do funky things based on the data - report/graph generation and invoice generation ;-)

  2. Comment by Agremon, on 2005-2-25 at 11:20 | permalink

    Ad: This comment isn’t related directly with posted ‘Mono Savant’.
    I will be thankful with author of this blog by their conmtributes, both for creation of free software as for traslation in galician language.
    After seeing their resigning article in [http://jacobo.tarrio.org/Traducir_software], I know thar these comments went late, but… Sooner than later.

  3. Comment by Antonio Ognio, on 2005-2-28 at 04:53 | permalink

    There aren’t many blog engines in ASP.Net that come from Mono-minded people. Most of the are from microsoftees and they aren’t really too many.

    I have this idea of a blog engine inspired by the del.icio.us tag system. I would be ideal if you’re sindicated in many planets and you don’t want all your post to go to all the planets. Basically you get a feed for every tag and an editbox to type all the tags you want for a given post. Using del.icio.us for a while will give you an idea.

    Once you’ve got a minimal codebase suitable for a documented and easy-to-follow demo I’d be interested in joining you in developing a much better blog engine from there.

    Saludos desde Peru,

    Antonio Ognio.

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